What tech to look out for in 2016

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2015 was an amazing year, Apple gave us a glimpse of the future and the past by giving us the iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil. Microsoft released Windows 10 which caused Sesame Street a product recall of Count Dracula’s scenes where he counted 9 after 8. And Google, still figuring out what to do with Nest, might change their IoT (internet of things) pursuit, to IdK.

Like any good’O creative technologist/developer/guitarist/lover/drone flyer, I am making a list of what to look out for in 2016 — everybody loves lists, I am coining the word listsanity, after linsanity. Be warned, it’s filled with AR — hololens and VR which generated a lot of PR. Where autonomous car is driving the industry forward and Samsung smart fridge is cooler than cooler cooler.

And here are the top 3 things to look out for in 2016

  • Books made from trees

This is incredible technology, the resolution beats any current OLED. LG might have it’s rollup flexible screen but it is definitely NOT fold-proof. It is even temporary water-proof, if it ever gets damaged by water just leave it under the sun and it is functional again. I suspect nanotechnology is behind all these (not sure, need an expert advice on this). The only drawback is that it is not backlit and I heard it can be solved with an update called Lamp.

  • Turn Signal Blinker

This isn’t exactly new technology but it is more a hidden feature that is already built into most cars (need clarification). Forget about self-driving car, this Turn Signal Blinker in cars allows you to communicate directly to surrounding drivers when you need to make a turn. Super useful. I’ve already seen a few drivers on the road using it but it seems not everybody knows about this hidden feature, but it is definitely something car companies will be pushing for and including in the future.

  • Watches with super long battery life and they tell the time

This piece of technology is so mind blowing that my brain does not compute. When was the last time I forgot to charge my iWatch (till this day there are some who still strongly referred it as Apple Watch) or pebble? Always. This new wearable is taking reference from what app industry called Single-Minded app, doing one single function really really well. And in this case for the watch it would be to tell time. Will this catch on? Only time will tell.

That’s all for now, the above is just my personal opinions and it is really hard to predict the future, just a 100 years ago nobody would have thought we would have phones if it wasn’t for Mr Taco Bell (who used his patent to start a fast-food company). Technology will continue evolving, in 2017, with Machine Learning and AI, we’ll get to see a service staff who recognizes our faces and names, knows our favourite food, engage in conversations with us and can even tell if we are having a bad day, I am pretty sure it’ll be called “hire a human”.

I am a creative coder and a creative technologist. Visit me at https://chanwaihsuen.me/

I am a creative coder and a creative technologist. Visit me at https://chanwaihsuen.me/