Sometimes, some things takes time to master and craft, and hence the word practice makes perfect. Thought i agree experience is learnt through iteration and different experiences, we have to understand skills also takes time to hone.

Take it from Jiro himself, there's even a Japanese word for it - shokunin.

I feel that you speak as if there's some angst in you thinking that older people do not value your opinion based on your age, i think it works both ways. And both parties must always have a growth mindset to learn from each other. Setting your mind to be only wanted to be coached by young people is also some form of bias. I think we should be humble and feel that we can learn some thing from everybody, even taxi drivers have their wisdom.

What you mention about authors changing their style and iteration to be successful is a very shallow and one sided thought. A lot of artist who stubbornly stick to their style and what they believe in might not find success in their life time but only have their brilliant realised afterwards, so who are we to judge what is successful or not, some people might see the different and at that time the world isn't ready to accept their perspective.

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