Short answer is yes.

  • Shuffling a deck of cards to be any arrangement would be a 1 in 80658175 * 1^60 chance.
  • Have a strategy in a set of number and stick to it, do not change. This is because the number you’ve bought hasn’t strike yet but is waiting in line to happen some time in the future. And every time if you change the number, your chances of probability will start from zero again. e.g. You play a number guessing game with your friend. There is more chance of the number being guessed if you do not change the number every round — considering the wrong number guessed is eliminated every round.
  • Do no write your own number, use a random number generator or in Toto, its the quick pick. This contradict the above strategy. In this case, the guru believes if we write our own numbers we tend to gravitate it towards numbers that have meaning to us — six is my luckily number, or 11 is my birthday, etc. So having a random generated number, it takes away the human nature of always picking the same number.
  • High tide and low tide. The number balls are randomised in a tank via an air pump, which one number will be picked from. The tides will determine the small difference in gravitational pull towards the balls. Buy a certain number when it is a certain tide. (not sure how this works but thats what the guru says).
  • Rhythm of picking the balls. The timing when the balls are picked can also determine the number, slow-slow-slow-fast-slow-fast, etc. (now this is just random talking)

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