The Brief

We were approached by the client to design an app which key feature is to track your own personal inventory…

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  • Collaboration / Teamwork
  • Management / Leadership
  • Money / Wealth
  • Security / Safety
  • Adventure / Discovery
  • Independence / Freedom
  • Control People / Projects
  • Life Balance
  • Friendship / Camaraderie
  • Recognition / Acknowledgement
  • Fun / Enjoyment
  • Achievement / Accomplishment
  • Power / Influence
  • Logic / Analysis
  • Service / Contribution
  • Challenge / Overcome Obstacles
  • Creativity / Innovation
  • Technical Competency
  • Health / Wellness
  • Kindness / Generosity
  • Education / Knowledge
  • Competition / Winning
  • Contentment / Peace of Mind

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As crypto assets grow in popularity and gain traction to be the next money, there is a strong demand in the market to purchase, store and transfer cryptocurrencies. Most e-wallet solutions in the current market do not provide a wholesome experience to the consumers…

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Chan Wai Hsuen (Weixian)

I am a creative coder and a creative technologist. Visit me at

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