Matters plans to bridge the current gap between the customer (end-user) & manufacturer (originator) by connecting partnering ecosystem (i.e. Customers, Manufacturers, Retailers, Distributors, Technicians, etc.) to enhance Product Lifecycle Management

The Brief

We were approached by the client to design an app which key feature is to track your own personal inventory warranty— home appliances, personal gadgets, electronics. The app which would act as a matchmaker to Warranty Extension Parties, and also to Authorised Repair Vendors.

This project would include UX research, UI look and feel and Corporate branding, and the first iteration of the product.

Team: Bhanu(Product/Business), Wai Hsuen(UX/UI/Prototype), Renjie(UX/Branding)
Tools: Sketch…

Sometimes, some things takes time to master and craft, and hence the word practice makes perfect. Thought i agree experience is learnt through iteration and different experiences, we have to understand skills also takes time to hone.

Take it from Jiro himself, there's even a Japanese word for it - shokunin.

I feel that you speak as if there's some angst in you thinking that older people do not value your opinion based on your age, i think it works both ways. And both parties must always have a growth mindset to learn from each other. Setting your mind…

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It is good to rank what matters to you, here’s a list of values you should consider what is more important.

  • Collaboration / Teamwork
  • Management / Leadership
  • Money / Wealth
  • Security / Safety
  • Adventure / Discovery
  • Independence / Freedom
  • Control People / Projects
  • Life Balance
  • Friendship / Camaraderie
  • Recognition / Acknowledgement
  • Fun / Enjoyment
  • Achievement / Accomplishment
  • Power / Influence
  • Logic / Analysis
  • Service / Contribution
  • Challenge / Overcome Obstacles
  • Creativity / Innovation
  • Technical Competency
  • Health / Wellness
  • Kindness / Generosity
  • Education / Knowledge
  • Competition / Winning
  • Contentment / Peace of Mind

This proposal was conceived in 2017.

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As crypto assets grow in popularity and gain traction to be the next money, there is a strong demand in the market to purchase, store and transfer cryptocurrencies. Most e-wallet solutions in the current market do not provide a wholesome experience to the consumers. Tools and services are afterthoughts, and the barrier to onboard is high.

“Young master Bruce, must I remind you again?”
“Yes Alfred, that I should return my tray?”

“No, that your parents are dead”

The idea of hawker centre has been re-think — or so we thought. There is a trend of modernising food centres sprouting all over the island in recent years. The amber of this begins in coffeeshops and hawker centres selling craft beer and artisanal coffee.


Then timbre+ came along, it is probably the encompassment of all the ideas of what makes a modern food centre. Food in affordable pricing, no aircon, standardised store designs. …

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2015 was an amazing year, Apple gave us a glimpse of the future and the past by giving us the iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil. Microsoft released Windows 10 which caused Sesame Street a product recall of Count Dracula’s scenes where he counted 9 after 8. And Google, still figuring out what to do with Nest, might change their IoT (internet of things) pursuit, to IdK.

Like any good’O creative technologist/developer/guitarist/lover/drone flyer, I am making a list of what to look out for in 2016 — everybody loves lists, I am coining the word listsanity, after linsanity. Be warned…

Short answer is yes.

Tough but not impossible. First let’s look at the probability of winning Toto.

For a group 1 prize, it is around 1 in 14 millions chance. To put it into perspective, every Singaporean would have to buy around 3 tickets (currently the population is around 5.3) and only 1 ticket is the winning ticket.

As small as the probability may seem, it is actually quite possible. In fact the odds of you being born which is around 1 in 400 quadrillion chance (http://what-are-odds-you) is much smaller than this. …

Chan Wai Hsuen (Weixian)

I am a creative coder and a creative technologist. Visit me at

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